Why me


I am the sole primary Photographer within my studio, therefore my clients will enjoy a wonderfully personal experience, from our initial consultations through to the delivery of their beautiful wedding album.

Unlike other studios, I won't subcontract the job to other studio nor will I find a substitute photographer to document what may very well be the happiest and biggest milestone of your life. When you book with "Alex Chung Photography", you will get me personally as the Primary Photographer. 

Experience and Professional Skills

What sets me apart from the rest is my style, attitude and my inner perfectionism. Your wedding is a time in your life when you're never looked more glamorous, never felt more joyous and are celebrating the love you both share with the people you love the most.

All the important moments during your wedding will be documented as they happens.  I've shot so many beautiful weddings and thus have learned to read the situations and anticipate moments before they happened. 

Weddings don't often run 100% according to their schedules, things run late and you need your photographer to just go with the flow and improvise. You can be assured that with my experiences in this field, I have become somewhat of an expert with time management and improvise so we still get all the "must have" shots for your big day.

Full-day coverage - No Time Limit

Its your big day and you'll only be doing this once in your life! Why not do it properly?

Our "Extra Collection" wedding photography has no time limit. This it suitable to ethnic wedding thats usually longer; this collection will ensure complete coverage of your day, from when you start getting ready until your bid farewell to your loved ones. I really enjoy being around for the whole day and capturing people as they congratulate and celebrates with the happy couple, reception is possibly one of my favourite part of the day as thats where people are most relaxed and dance very late into the night:)

Adaptive and unique photography  

Take a look through my portfolio and you will see that many of my photos are slightly different to the norm.

I'm constantly looking for unique angles, and particularly enjoy taking photos of couples in slightly quirky locations! Location photoshoot is where we get to have fun with the bridal party, I often would position the couples in the best lights and with minimal directions get them to interact with each other; this is when I will capture that natural and beautiful moments that you both have for each other.

Even though I have my own style of photography, the couple and bridal party will often come up with cool and fun ideas for the shoot that I've not even thought of, which I welcome as I enjoy the challenge. I really enjoy adapting my photography to suit the needs and ideas of each unique couple.

Professional Equipments

I'm a dual-camera shooter, which means I always have 2 cameras on me at all times, this eliminates the need to change lenses during important moments like ceremony,  speeches and first dance at receptions. I also have a 3rd camera body as a backup should I ever need it.

I use two identical camera bodies, the Canon EOS "5D Mark IV" which is the top-of-the-line Professional Canon camera and a series of L lenses (Canon Luxury Lenses). 

The 5D Mark IV are "dual memory card" camera. Which means with each photographs I capture, the camera writes identically to 2 memory cards simultaneously. This is one of my "risk management process" in ensuring you not losing your precious memories as there is always an adequate backup.

Your photos will also be backed up to three different places immediately following your wedding, so there is no chance of your precious photos getting lost or deleted. We also maintain backups of your wedding photos that are also maintained indefinitely.

Friendly and unobtrusive

Working in a most relaxed, unobtrusive manner is the secret which enables me to capture moments showing wedding day in true light. This is what has attracted many clients to engage my service for their most special day.

My easy going and fun personality enables me to get on well with the happy couples on their big day; which is very important in getting natural looking shots that captures their moments and happiness on their wedding day.

Ideally I often like to meet the you and your partner twice before your big day, usually over a cup of coffee while going through your wedding in fine details will enables us to know each other on more personal level, that way we won't have that 'vendor/client' kinda feeling when your big day arrived. Which makes a difference comes your wedding day because I'll no longer be a stranger with a camera, but a "photographer friend" :)

I love it!

I feel really privileged to be doing something I enjoy so much, the happiness at every wedding is infectious and I always find myself caught up in the excitement if it all. It's a pleasure and truly an honour to be responsible for capturing all those special and unique moments, who knows maybe before the end of the day, I'll be an honorary member of your lovely family:)


If you believe I'm the right person to tell your Beautiful Love Story, then please get in touch via my contact page.

I look forward to meeting you!