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“My goal as your wedding photographer is to capture the moment as they happen. The photographs I produced will be natural, elegant and timeless.”


“I will unravel your unique story and capture that love through my lense”

Hi I'm Alex! I’m a wedding photographer based in Melbourne, Victoria.

My promise to you is that I’ll go above and beyond to tell your story in the most beautiful way you could possibly imagine… your real story… I want to capture all the emotions on your day...  with all your favourite people on your wedding day; laughing till your eyes water, hugging till your ribs hurt, dancing till you can't feel your toes any more…. I want everyone to feel the love that you and your partner have for each other... I want to create a compelling narrative through images, that actually means something to real people. After all, wedding is a beautiful celebration of love and family:)

I want to be more than just photographer. I want you to feel like as though I am no different to your other guests on the day. I’m there to witness and to celebrate the beginning of your biggest adventure together; at the same time I’ll document it with my heart and soul:)

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Limited availability :)


Real people… real emotions

There is nothing I love more than seeing a real smile, a silly face or a couple of glistening tears. This raw and natural side of people and their emotions is what I aim to ‘capture’.

I will be there to document the perfectly imperfect, the moments that you’re there for and the ones that you miss. The big moments and little ones. I want to capture them all for you.